DIY Floral Suncatchers


Snazz up your Decor with Floral Suncatchers

Today’s DIY Floral Suncatchers are the perfect craft if some of the summer rain storms are keeping you and your family cooped inside the house instead of outside at the beach.

Furthermore, I’ve got the honour to introduce you to two new partners here at monsterscircus, POSYand Iittala. I’m over the moon with these new partnerships and I can’t wait to spoil you with news and inspiration. I’ll introduce you to each properly later on.

This unique DIY is created with flower bouquets ordered directly online on POSY.

POSY Flowers – Iittala, Alvar Aaalto Vase

The best thing about this project? You’ve got the perfect excuse to spoil yourself with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. With instantly pressed flowers you can easily whip up these magical beauties and hang them at staggering heights for a conversation-worthy piece above your dining table.

Next best thing about this project? you don’t have to wait two weeks to complete you flower press when using vlieseline and an iron.

DIY Floral Suncatchers

DIY Floral Suncatchers Tutorial







Iron, string & needle (not pictured)

Step 1

Cut a piece of string and bend a circle.

Step 2

Place the wire and the vlieseline as pictured. NOTE! Place the vliesline with the adhesive side facing upwards on the ironing board.

Step 3

Once you’ve selected your floral goodies it’s time to set up and make a collage of it all.

Step 4

Place the desired floral design onto the vlieseline.

Step 5

Now place another layer of vlieseline on your design, this time with the adhesive side facing downwards.

Step 5

Heat the iron on low. Now press 10-15 seconds and iron everything into place

Step 6

Cut along the edge and add a string to the suncatcher

Now hang your suncatcher up and enjoy the sunbeams through the flowers – I tell you, the shadow play and colours are just so gorgeous and enchanting.

These magical floral suncatchers can be used for gifts, decor for your next cocktail party, as wedding decorations or just to brighten up your own space. Just perfect for summer! Best of all you’ll need to buy yourself some flowers or do a nature scavenger hunt, what’s not to love?

Make Floral Suncatchers

If you’ve been a little mobile crazy over the years you can take this project a step further and make a botanical mobile piece if you’d like to change things up!

More botanical DIY here.

So now tell me, what projects have you made with pressed flowers? Any fun summer crafts at the moment? Please share in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading and happy weekend!

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