DIY Tropical Pendant Light


DIY Tropical Pendant Light – Make a Fabulous & Fruity Lamp

DIY Tropical Lamp

Today’s trend is all about creating an eclectic look of our own and with this DIY Tropical Pedant Light project you can make a statement by going tropical indoor. The pineapple pendant is perfect if you’re looking for some exotic escapism at home.

Using leather you’ll be sure to add a sophisticated yet quirky statement to your space.

The weekend is just around the corner, so let’s get started.

DIY Pineapple Pendant Lamp

DIY Tropical Pendant Light




Light Bulb

A pair of scissors, to make a more detailed trimming you will need a zig-zag edge scissor


Step 1

Cut ten leather strips about ten centimetres and ten leather strips at the length of six centimetres

Step 2

Trim each strip as pictured

DIY Leather Lamp

Step 3

Use the socket as a base and attach the first row with the longest leather strips

Step 4

Now attach the shorter leather strips

Step 5

Finish off with one or two leather strips to cover the socket at the bottom or create any other design you like

And that’s it! I considered to add studs to the leaves, but this simple version works fine by me. With this DIY Tropical Pendant light, the mood is all about a fun, tropical oasis. This exotic statement project is a perfect way to make a modern accent lamp, your very own personal handmade masterpiece.

This exotic statement project is a perfect way to create a modern accent lamp, your very own personal handmade masterpiece.

DIY Tropical Pendant Light

Tropical Trend Tips

Maybe you’ve got a long-standing love affair with Art Deco glamour? Or you’re a Scandi fan who loves white-on-white or maybe you’re a big fan of the 70’s and you’re into everything informal like the boho living trend? Don’t worry this piece will go hand in hand with lush velvets, black and white and tropical greenery.

So get ready to sip some delicious pineapple juice while you enjoy the taste of the tropical with you very own fabulous pineapple pendants.

DIY Tropical Lamp

Glass tableMessage BoardLight Pendants

These two darlings inject a touch of the tropics to my space and fit perfectly well with my fave glass table and a little greenery. I’ve just got the beautiful marble bird from my dear friend Dimitriand I just love the idea of a bird in paradise.

Opt for tropical wallpaper and sophisticated botanical printed fabrics to create a more dramatic impact.

Accessories from AU. Maison

Everything interior design should be a great excuse for having fun with your decor, so what do you say? Will you make your own quirky pineapple pendants for your space?

As you can see this DIY Tropical Pendant Light is super easy to create and will instantly add a fresh touch to your space.

This DIY Tropical Pendant Light will make you feel relaxed, enjoyed and why not celebrate and make a fruity mocktail this weekend? Want more pendant light inspiration? Check out this DIY Monkey Knot Pendant.

Wishing you a great rest of your week and thank you so much for reading!