DIY Easter Eggs with Leather Details


DIY Easter Eggs with egg-cellent details.

Looking for a DIY Easter egg idea that’s simple and interesting? Then how about you make some leather wrapped Easter eggs this year? It’s so easy, keep them naturally or personalise the darlings with your fave spring colour.

You can make blown eggshells for decorating or you can save some time by using pre-blown eggs or wooden eggs like these gorgeous ones from Makaku. Either way, you can make this egg decoration idea in a snap. So if you’re planning on inviting friend or family to your home, why not spruce it with some extra Easter charm?

DIY Easter Eggs with Leather Bow


Leather cord

Leather straps or ribbon

Wooden Eggs

Hobby knife

Glue gun

Making the Leather Bow

Step 1.

Size the leather strip so it fits around the egg. Measure and mark the position of the slit and use the hobby knife to cut a slit

Step 3.

Feed the leather strap into the newly made slit and finish the ends as pictured

DIY Easter Eggs, Hanging

Attaching the Leather Cord

Step 1.

Cut a piece of leather cord and tie the ends into a knot

Step 2.

Use you glue gun to apply small dots of glue where you want your leather cord to be positioned. All that’s left is to hang it and enjoy!

Now it’s time to put your creations on display. You can easily incorporate the eggs into your table decorations and use feathers, branches and flowers just to mention a few ideas.


Whether you fancy bold and bright statements or natural tones you can leave them as they are or add glitter and colours to your darlings.


Here’s I’ve styled the eggs with branches and glass. The beautiful glass bauble is made by the Danish ABOUT FORM AND FUNCTION but more about this handmade beauty later on. In the meanwhile more glass bauble inspiration on my Instagram.

Making you own Easter egg decorations are cheap and easy, but most importantly super fun, so let your inner creativity run wild this Easter.

Now tell me planning on doing some fun DIY Easter Egg decorations this year? Or tell me if you fancy traditional Easter hues like yellow and green, the natural look or bold?

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a great rest of your week!


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