Spa-Like Bedroom Essentials


Hey, guys! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. If you follow me on IG or Snapchat, you already know I’ve been going through a hard time and it’s been one thing after another lately. Well, I’m back and I’m looking forward to sharing some projects with you, but first! I want to share with you some things that I genuinely love and some things that have helped me get through these hard past couple weeks.

If you have anxiety, stress, or the flu, I would recommend an Essential Oil Diffuser. I have been obsessed with mine lately. I asked for some starter oils and a diffuser for Christmas, not really sure I would use it or not. Well, I have been using them religiously every night for multiple uses and it’s safe to say that I’m now addicted. I’m all about healthy addictions and holistic wellbeing so this isn’t a bad addiction 😉

I got these Essential Oils for Christmas as a starter kit because I didn’t know if I would use them or not. I will be purchasing a starter kit from Young Living soon, but these are actually pretty good oils to start with. Especially if you are new to oils and not sure if you will use them.

It’s all about creating a relaxing, stress-free, and therapeutic safe haven for the bedroom. I love this electric fireplace. It changes colors and you can turn the option for heat off and just use the ambiance.

I don’t use candles unless they are battery operated because I prefer essential oils. But I LOVE how real these battery operated candles look, feel, and the ambience they put off. It comes with a remote to change the colors and the brightness-with a timer!

Meditationhas helped me through a lot of things and it has been truly been a gift. If you’re looking for some good resources I suggest looking on YouTube! There is so many free videos to watch.

This herbal neck wrap and eye pillow has been bliss. If you’re prone to getting migraines or sinus headaches, I would suggest this in a heartbeat.

What are some ways you cope with stress and/or anxiety? I would love to read about them in the comments. Sending big hugs

xo, Laci Jane