DIY Gilded Valentine’s Day Tumblers


Make Valentine’s Day Tumblers

So it’s soon this time of the year, Valentine’s Day and nothing says “I love you” better than a personalised gift made with your hands. Whether you’re tripping to celebrate with your sweetheart or cherished friends, here’s a charming idea to get you in an ultra-affectionate mood.

A killer combo of upcycling and a touch of gold sounds like the perfect craft, right? Today you’ll get the inspiration on how to create these tumblers that are perfectly imperfect, elegant and visually pleasing – all of the perfect characteristics for a making a memorable moment with your loved or justs an excuse to pop some baubles.

DIY Gilded Valentine's Day Tumblers

So ready to present a clean and fresh look that’ll instantly brighten up any gathering or make your morning smoothie more glamorous? Good, let’s get fancy and personal.

DIY Personalized Valentine’s Day Tumblers


Craft Foil, Gold

Fix Glue

Paint Brush

Tumblers/ drinking glasses

Creating the gilded Tumblers

Step 1.

Dip the paint brush into the fix glue and draw out you desired design

Step 2.

Allow the glue to dry

Step 3.

Once it’s adhered, place the gold foil on the glue-covered part of the glass. Press smooth with your fingers

Step 4.

Peel back the foil sheet and voilà!

Note: The result is not dishwasher safe, to create a more sturdy result, apply a coat of decoupage medium or another kind of sealant on the gold foil.

Recycle your old drinking glasses into romantic V-day tumblers for bubbles and a magical moment. These tumblers also make a great decor on your kitchen shelf or bar cart.

For this project gather different sizes of vases, drinking glasses or glass cups from around your house, or go thrifting. The possibilities with this project are many, imagine a delicate dessert in these glitzy tumblers, pretty great right?

Now tell me, would you try gold foil on your tumblers or votives to spice them up a bit? I strongly recommend you try out this project for two reasons: One – obviously because the glasses are super fun to make and adorable. Second reason – the sight of the shiny gold foil is just oh-so-wonderful.

Tip: Stuff the finished tumblers with your Valentine’s favourite treat! So are you ready to make your sweetheart or bestie swoon over your thoughtful effort?

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a lovely weekend!

xoxo monsterscircus