Dollar Tree Home Decor DIY – Valentine’s Decor 2017



That intro though…

Ah, the season of love 😉 Valentine’s day is my favorite holiday ever! It’s such cute holiday. Dollar Tree had some really great things this year. You can see my hauls here and here. All of these items for these DIY’s were purchased from Dollar Tree.

DIY Heart Eyed Skull

I got this skull months ago around Halloween time and I decided to make it more girly by adding E6000 glue and heart stickers to the eyes. I love it! It’s definitely difference and not something you see being done all the time and that’s what I try to do with my DIY’s.

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Foam Heart Stickers

Skull Decor

Baby, you’re a firework!

I had sparklers left over and I really like the colors of them. I thought it would be neat to incorporate them into some decor this year. I just put them into a glass vase along with some foam heart stickers. I had to tape the heart sticks to the side of the glass because the sticks weren’t long enough. Then, I took a glitter foam heart, punched a hole in it and wrote “baby you’re a firework” (or maybe I wrote “firecracker”, I can’t remember) on the back. I tied it to the vase with wire since I didn’t have any ribbon.

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Glitter Foam Shapes

Heart Picks



Glass Vase

Heart Banner

I had so many of these heart picks leftover and I didn’t know what else to do with them. I tore the sticks off (which popped off pretty easily) and then I just used a needle and thread to create a little banner decor for the wall above the sofa.

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Heart Picks

Needle and Thread

DIY Heart Pillow

I was going to make a heart pillow using Jayli’s footprints, but I didn’t have any fabric paint. So I just glued some red and pink foam stickers onto a pillow cover. I would suggest using a pillow insert cover and obviously, this is just for looks. It probably won’t hold up very well if you actually use it to lay on. If you know how to sew, I think it would be better. But, if you’re like me and just want a little extra Valentine in the air, consider this DIY.

It would be so cute if you use this pillow cover from Amazon and put a big red heart on the front!

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Foam Stickers

Plain White Pillow cover


Sweetheart Hurricane + Heart Coasters

I just filled a glass hurricane with sweetheart candies and topped it with a tea light. IMPORTANT- I don’t recommend using a tea light candle. I suggest using a battery operated candle for this! I also turned the foam hearts into little coasters!

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Hurricane Vase

Sweetheart Candy

Battery operated tea lights

Glitter foam shapes

Outdoor Decor- Pot of “Love Stones”

I used a planter pot and put a piece of floral foam inside of it. Then, I stuck some heart picks inside and filled it with rocks for weight. Then I glued a heart onto the pot.

I put two of these on our stairs leading up to the house. I love the idea of calling the rocks “love stones”. And instead of using rocks, you can use those heart scatter marbles and keep this inside.

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Floral Foam

Heart Picks

Glitter Foam Shapes






This is our front door with a Dollar Tree heart sign on it 🙂

I used Dollar Tree Battery pack lights to hang from my $10 Picture Ledge. I really like being able to hide the battery pack behind the pictures.

Let me know what you think about these DIY’s and show me how you’re decorating, I’d love to see it!