DIY Personalized Sunglasses


So I got these sunglasses at Five Below for $5 and felt like they were missing something. I really wasn’t sure if this was going to be a DIY Win or a DIY Fail, but in my opinion, it’s a WIN!

Besides, five dollars, shmive dollars…

E6000 Glue / Letter Beads

As much as I love hot glue guns, this project calls for E6000 glue because it’s much stronger.

I used a q-tip to apply the glue to the sunglasses

Then I glued the beads on!

I used a q-tip to press the bead into the glue to make it a bit more secure.

I pretty much eye-balled it to make sure it was all straight. You can also measure and mark your lines to make sure it is even on both sides.

I used a little bit of rubbing alcohol to remove some of the glue.

Then you are ready to party 😉 Jayli wants a pair of these now