Dollar Tree Valentines Day 2017-Decor, Crafts, Dog Shirt, Etc…


Today was very impromptu. I meant to film a holographic spray paint review, but I didn’t realize the spray can was so low that I couldn’t finish what I had started. I ran to Dollar Tree to get a couple things (I love their over-the-door hooks!) and was so happy when I seen they already have Valentines Day stuff out! I know Christmas just ended and New Years was just 3 days ago, but Valentine’s Day is my FAVORITE holiday ever!


So today I’m gonna just show you what I got so if you like anything, you know you can get it there next time you’re out!

Decorative rose petals- I’m pretty sure they had these last year. But these are great for filling in shadowboxes, lanterns, putting on your tablescape, etc…

I was really surprised to find these LED String Lights there. Surprisingly they are 3′ feet! These are battery operated so you can put them virtually anywhere. I think I’m going to fill my lantern with some, but then again, I might dangle them over my headboard. So many possibilities!

This dish towel isn’t the best quality, but it’s cute. I’m to going to complain for $1. I will just pair it with a nicer plain dish towel that will compliment the heart towel. I could also wrap my silverware in them….Hmmm….

I’m such a sucker for these holiday pencils. I buy them every time. Every time.

Gotta have heart stickers! And the heart magnets! I plan on using each all year ’round.

They’re not strictly for Valentines day, if it’s something that YOU like, then do it. I’ll put away the”Happy Valentine’s Day” and “be mine” magnets, but I’ll keep the rest out to enjoy all year.

I love these foam glitter shapes. This is another item I plan to use year-round. There’s a lot of possibilities for them.

Jayli likes to make her own cards to send out to our family. She can decorate these with colored paper, foam stickers, crayons/markers, stamps, etc…

I love this red plate I found at Dollar Tree. I plan on using my gold chargers from Christmas and then topping it with something pretty cool. Stay tuned 😉

And last, but definitely NOT least….this $1 heart breaker dog t-shirt!

She’s such a perfect model dog. 😉

Sorry for the poor quality pictures. I’m having issues with my lighting lately…

Anwyas, did you find anything good at Dollar Tree?