LJDECOR: Color Changing Spray Paint


"Soooo I’m gonna start doing a new series. This series is going to be trying out new (and possibly) epic products to create awesome DIY’S.

The first product in this series is this COLOR CHANGING SPRAY PAINT! YES, that’s what I said!

I knew I HAD to buy it and test it out. I was so excited to try this because who wouldn’t love color changing spray paint. Like, hello. This was/is right up my alley.

I ordered the Green/Purple/Teal spray paint and tried several coats on this metal chair…and waited to see results. It applied clear so it made it pretty hard to see what I was covering. I felt like I was applying a clear topcoat. I wasn’t seeing any results so I let it dry and kept applying several more coats of spray paint, just to ensure I was getting the whole chair covered."