DIY Botanical Pendant


Jazz Up your Holiday Decoration with a Botanical Pendant

Botanical Pendant, makes your home feel more lived-in & casual the stylish way. It’s easy to embrace the Jungalow trend and at the same time dress up your upcoming holiday gatherings with today’s DIY.

Like most everyone these days my heart is infatuated with plants, so I whipped up this botanical chandelier that’ll work perfectly for party decor or as a year-round showstopper above the dining table. Creating a gorgeous focal point like this pendant will add a sparkly and energetic look to your space.

You can opt. for natural and fresh elements or chose artificial greenery and flowers, either way, this lamp will add magic to your home.

The gorgeous Bergman LightsHanging modular pendant is such a great addition to this design. So ready to make your new favourite light fixture? Great, let’s create!

Botanical Pendant Tutorial


Hanging glass orbs

Glass ornaments with opening/ Glass baseless hanging baubles

Pendant light kit

Leather cord

Greenery like cut olive branches, palm fronds and ornaments


Tip! Use LED bulbs as they are perfectly safe since they don’t get hot

Step 1.

Fill the glass baubles with greenery

Step 2.

Start tying varying lengths of leather cord to your glass baubles and add ornaments

Step 3.

Arrange glass baubles and ornaments around the pendant in a cluster. Adjust the length to form a cluster of various lengths. Note! Keep the leather cord long so you can adjust the heights in later steps.

Step 3.

Gather the loose ends, tie a knot and that’s it!

Now just find a lovely place to hang it from a hook securely anchored in the ceiling.

You can use fresh flowers for a delicate and enliven look. Fill the bottom of the glass baubles with an opening with water; insert e.g. poinsettias – I just love how these darlings reflect the spare beauty of winter. Here I’ve styled the lamp, ready for New Year’s Eve!

There are so many ways you can personalise your botanical chandelier. If you’ve used glass ornaments with an opening try adding battery operated votive candles to achieve extra bling and sparkle. Again, this can be used any time of the year with different seasonal items or flowers that match a decorating scheme.

I hope this chandelier has inspired you to create your own one of a kind botanical pendant. This lamp will add such a nice warmth, holiday cheer and intimacy to your upcoming gatherings.

Now time to get festive & jolly! If you’re not going to celebrate Christmas, I wish you a fabulous happy holiday! For those who celebrate, I wish you a very Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for sending all your wonderful comments and questions, they are all very much appreciated!

I’ll be back just in time to share my final project this year, so until then enjoy a very happy and safe holiday with all your loved ones!