DIY Weaved Foliage Christmas Wreath


A modernist take on the Christmas Wreath

There are heaps of quick and easy DIY Christmas wreaths out there and today I’m going to inspire you on how to create a stunning botanical wreath. So ready for some Holiday extravaganza?

You might remember my last DIY weaved leaf project, today’s project is a quick way to make a very simple, elegant and unique wreath.

I’ve used the brass plated rings from Danish Strupsand I just love the leather detail. As you can see it’s so easy to create something different and natural with these darlings.

So let’s get creative with some gorgeous palm leaves, shall we?

Weaved Foliage Christmas Wreath Tutorial


Brass Ring

Palm Leaf


Clear tape & a pair of scissors, not pictured

Weaving the Christmas Wreath

Step 1.

Place the brass ring down in the middle of the palm frond

Step 2.

Take the two top palm fronds and hold them into a loop, twist and secure the groups of two fronds with the stapler. Repeat the loop pattern like pictured

Step 3.

Repeat step 2. with each palm fronds

Step 4.

Bring in additional fronds from each side and work your way all down the stem and brass ring

Step 5.

Weave the end pieces in on itself and cut the dangling leaf bits short. Lastly secure the weaved leaves tight onto the ring with tape or floral wire

The Christmas Wreath Result

And there you have it! A fresh, simple & elegant Christmas wreath, ready to welcome and wow your friends and family.

An alternative way to create this foliage wreath is to simply just braid the fronds like you would with a french braid!

An art-piece like this Christmas wreath will be a perfect focal point for any wall this season and make a delicate gift idea too. Like in my last palm project, I’ve used Areca leaves.

These leaves will retain colour best if you pick early, younger and fresher fronds. But the bright green colour will fade a bit as times goes by but I choose to see that as a kind of sympathetic form of art.

For adding more interest and a sophisticated look you can add a pretty bow, ornaments and tuck in other greenery. These charming wreaths are the ultimate budget-friendly way to bring festive freshness to you home.

For more ideas on how to use the Strups brass rings there’s some lovely inspiration right here.

So now I’d just love to hear if this modernist’s alternative to the traditional Christmas wreath, would be something you’d try for your home?

I tell you, if you haven’t already tried weaving with palm fronds I must warn you, it’s highly addictive.

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a lovely & peaceful 3rd Advent!