DIY Cement Letters + Bookends

What you need:

Cardboard letters

Box cutter or exacto knife

Portland Cement

Wood (I used .75×3.5×4″)

Wood glue

White spray paint

Gold gilding sheets

Gilding adhesive


What to do:

DIY Concrete Letters

Cut the top part of your cardboard

Remove the cardboard pieces inside

Mix and pour your concrete into your cardboard letters

Wait to dry (at least 24 hours)

Remove from the cardboard

Paint it or leave how it is

DIY Bookend

Measure for how tall and wide you want your bookend to be

Cut the wood down to size

Glue your two pieces together with wood glue

Use drill bit to drill a hole into the two pieces of wood

Screw them together


Glue the letters to the wood using E6000 industrial strength glue

Let dry

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