Christmas Decorating Ideas


Welcome our new author: LJ Decor!

"It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Here are some simple and inexpensive DIY home decor ideas. Most of these items were found at Dollar Tree for $1 each. The colors I am using this year is white and black with gold and silver. I also had to incorporate a little bit of pink…because you know me, I love color.

The first DIY project I’m sharing in the 2016 DIY Christmas Decorating series, is this…

DIY Dollar Tree Wreath

Reindeer were from Dollar Tree for $1 for a set of 2

I got these reindeer from Dollar Tree and found this wreath at Joann Fabrics

The wreath was a steal. It was hidden way in the back with all the other Halloween decor leftovers. It was originally $69 but was 70% off ($20) with an additional 20% off of that ($16). So I got this for a steal. I had originally planned on putting these reindeer on a long narrow canvas, but once I saw the wreath I knew right away I was going to make this a DIY.

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath

All I did was tie the reindeer around the wreath with fishing line. Yes, it was really THAT easy! I used fishing line so that I can easily remove it and reuse this wreath for other holidays as well (such as Halloween and New Years)

DIY Dollar Tree Wreath

You can personalize this to your taste and your decor style. Joann Fabrics also had black feather wreaths in their Halloween section 😉 You can make your own wreath, use a wreath you already have, or buy any color wreath and design you want."


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