DIY Perfect Autumn Interior Makeover


Hue-tastic Autumn DIY

Even though I’m not ready to say goodbye to the summer season, I’ve already made the first steps to welcome the next season indoor.

Autumn is this lovely time of the year with warm colours that make this season unique, and today I’m going to share my budget-friendly inspiration on how to redecorate this fall.

First I’d like to share this Danish brand that’s got me very excited, I’ve found Innovative Living, when I was searching for a guest bed – and just bought this, a bed chair!

This is the perfect furniture for small spaces, a comfortable lounge chair with a detachable mattress so it can be used as a guest bed, how genius is that?

Furnishing is always important in a confined space and this darling makes our guest room so much smarter – and I just love the opportunity to have open space and when talking about the price tag, believe me, it will suit almost every budget.

Look at that, it’s designed by Studio WeissKroghand it’s like a modern cocktail chair with integrated lighting and table! The table comes with wireless charging built-in so while I’ll be reading a book, my iPhone will be charged at the same time.

Ok, so let’s talk about the colours! I know we’re all thinking that if you’re having a small space then keep the walls in brighter colours, but I actually wanted to make a statement in this room. Not only making the ordinary statement wall but I actually wanted to make a bold makeover. A significant room to up this rooms wow-factor.

When choosing the wall colours, I looked for dusty hue and colours with a glow. So now I’ll share you my secret on how to painting the perfect stripes.


Masking Tape or Painters tape

Paint roller & paintbrush

Sadolin Wall Paint: Shady Red C9-B7.28.19 – Mustard Yellow G9-F2.40.60 – Shady Grey X15-HN.02.77

Step 1.

Creating the crisp yellow line, I just taped it off and finished the job without a hitch.

If your walls have a little texture you need to rub down all the tape edges before painting.

Step 2.

Start rolling your upper wall paint directly on the tape and roll upward – that way you’re pulling the paint away from the tape line.

With this technique outline the entire paint line with the first paint coat

Step 3.

Add the second wall colour using the same technique, repeat step 2-3 to touch up with a second coat of paint if necessary

Step 4.

Remove the masking tape and let the paint coat dry

Step 5.

Now carefully apply tape off the outside of the even stripe

Step 6.

Apply the third and last paint colour with a paint roller or brush and that’s it!

The room is north/ east-facing, therefore this strong colour was a lovely choice. With the natural light, this red colours looks warm before noon, then turns bluer later in the day. It’s fantastic to see how the natural light changes throughout the day and is affected.

I’m pretty excited about this new colour adventure. So tell me, I would love to hear if you’d go bravado and bold with paint colours this season?

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed my DIY inspiration and wishing you a colourful weekend!

Noir Chair Innovation Living

Wall Paint Sadolin – Ceramic Canister Lucie Kaas