Søstrene Grene Autumn News


A minimalistic journey back to the future with Søstrene Grene

Today I’m going to share the latest news from Søstrene Grene. The new interior collection is inspired by the ’60s design elements with a more refined modernist style.

Each and every one of the accessories and furniture pieces will be perfect for adding a stylish retro feel to your home, so sit tight and enjoy!

Each piece is highly versatile and can complement a myriad of design styles. Featuring gentle contours, playful accent colours and a balance of engineered and organic materials, the entire collection is clean and functional.

To me, adding texture is the easiest way to add luxury and ease to the home. Place a pillow or blanket on a couch, bench or bed and it will immediately bring softness, comfort, and a rich feel.

Ceramics adds cosiness and a fresh touch to your table and with glasses featuring a faceted design you’ll instantly add muted glamour to your table. The key look to a calm feel is natural elements and these placemats will look even more elegant with gold accents.

Something that I can’t think of a reason why not to get my hands on, is this clothing rack. Not only is this a beautiful conversation piece, it’s functional too! To me, it really conserves as a sculpture, a visual piece that provides interest to your space and it’s collapsible too.

It’s no surprise that people are already gaga over these shelves, both the minimalistic look and approachable price would be appealing to most people.

I’m always looking for ways to organise my belongings to make sure that our space would not be cluttered – and I simply love boxes, always very helpful and beneficial to “de-clutter” a room. So get a good ambience with a handful of lovely boxes.

Look at the complete collection in the new online Søstrene Grene catalogue, the collection is available from 8th of September.

Hope you enjoyed today’s inspiration but before you go, I would love to hear if you’re going update your home with one of these pieces?

Thank you so much for reading, enjoy your week!