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Display your darlings with Oliver Furniture

Today I’m going to share my fave way to make the most out of my space, with one single piece of furniture.

I can’t resist when exquisitely crafted and functional design goes hand in hand – and I hope that I’m not the only one at the party? Seriously you really can’t beat a homeware piece that celebrates the simplicity of form that endures and aspire to be inherited.

If there was ever any doubt in your mind that glass cabinets were phenomenal, today’s feature is going to turn you from sceptic to devotee!

You’ve love the finishing touches from Oliver Furniture, that bring heart and soul to a room and it’s my firm belief that every interior needs one of these, a glass cabinet.

Maybe you already know the brand and seen some of their beautiful products, but today I’m sharing some inspiring treats from the new 2016/ 2017 catalogue.

These cabinets all have a wooden base with glass doors and is just perfect when talking about storage. Glass-front cabinets provide an airy feeling and are great incentives for you to organise because any clutter will be noticeable.

The cabinets is a nice dining room piece, perfect for the bedroom or kitchen and the sleek full doors of glass help with the dust and the importance of the content.

This grey colour shade can help an already gorgeous space go above and beyond. Actually, I’ve got my very own grey darling and you can take a peek inside right here on at{mine}.

As you can see the Oliver Furniture range is a pretty varied one, but to me, they all have this inherent sense of timelessness and craftsmanship about them. In need of nursery furniture? You’ll be able to find some gorgeous pieces and steal the stunning decorating ideas right here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s inspiration and I hope you’ve been inspires on how to express your personal style with cabinets.

If you’re already the owner of this kind of furniture if so be sure to share where you’ve placed it and how you’ve styled it. Would be wonderful to hear your input.

Thanks for reading and wishing you a splendid day!