DIY Summer Art Mobile


Eco-friendly Summer DIY

It’s midsummer here in the Northern Hemisphere. The days are slightly warm, slightly cold with occasional rain, and today I’m sharing a lovely way to keep you or your little ones occupied indoor. Blessed with gorgeous weather? Gather your supplies, spread a blanket and try this fun 15 minutes project.

Use your time, mind and imagination to DIY this piece of shell art to hang inside or outside of your home.

I’m sure no matter which wild treasure you’ve got on your hand, these organic shapes strung up with wire will make a beautiful statement that brings melody and movement to your home.

So let’s do this!


Brass pipes

Dremel 3000 with a universal 1/8″ bit

Jewellery wire

Shells, beach finds, beads

Side cutter jewellery plier

Step 1

Collect or buy your natural treasures and use the DREMEL with the fine bit to drill the hole. Note: Let the drill do the work, or you’ll break the shells.

If you haven’t got a Dremel or similar tool, just secure each piece by wrapping wire around each shell.

Step 2

Decide for a design. Thread each shell with wire and tie a not where you want a bead to sit

Step 3

Attach the wire to each of the brass pipes, the shell and beads and that’s it, time to hang you shell art

Can’t remember when I didn’t have visions of making a mobile, as I’m a BIG fan of everything floating.

I figured I’d make some sort of simple mobile structure and you can use nearly anything for this project. No brass pipes? Use bamboo sticks or buy pre-made mobile base at your local craft store.

I just love that it turned out to be great considering the simplicity in making it – hope you enjoyed the DIY inspiration too!

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to the usual materials, think outside the box and I know you’ll end up with something beautiful. So let me know, done any fun summer crafts?

Hope you’re going to let your creativity and inspiration take control and guide you through the weekend. Have a great one and enjoy!

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