DIY Statement Side Table


Surprisingly Side Table

I’ve been searching for an end table to complement my daybedfrom Sofakompagnietand was hoping to find something extraordinary. If there’s a furniture obsession I don’t take likely, it’s the side table. I didn’t find a piece that matched my budget, so I decided to create my own.

For ages, I’ve had a DIY cake stand on my must try list and seen so many gorgeous upcycled results, created with vintage pieces, all so very unique – so I decided to shop my prop shelves and create an oversized version of the stacked cake stand idea.

Excuse me, but I have to admit that I’m pretty stoked how it turned out, and hope you’ll enjoy the inspiration too. So grab your old darlings and I promise you’ll end up with a coffee table with a very special twist.


Bowl, vases, round disc/ old table top

2-component adhesive

Step 1

Prepare the glue, use a small spatula to be more precise when applying the glue

Step 2

To attach each piece apply a small amount of glue and set dry

Step 3

Keep adding pieces until you’ve achieved your desired stacked design and that’s it!

Now accessorise your bad boy! As you can see I had to make one more and this is the result.

DaybedSofakompagniet – BedspreadFabric Copenhagen – Monocle Speaker Native Union

I decided to embellish the side table with one of my fave vasesand fragile wildflowers. Planting wildflowers is one of the easiest things to do, so that’s what I did this spring and here’re the natural treasures.

Just love the different textures, the modern look, and the idea of you can turn nearly any larger vases or bowls into a functional focal point for your home.

These side tables have found the perfect home next to my daybed. So tell me, could you envision something similar to add a little extra flair at home?

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you the most lovely weekend!