DIY Air Plant Palms


Creative Air Plant Escape

If you’re planning on unwinding within your own four walls, here’s an idea on how to get the feeling of escaping the hustle & bustle. Make a fun mini stay-cation resort with the lovely Tillandsia darlings.

With the exotic and delicate look, it’s so easy to turn your shelves or desk into a tiny tropical paradise.

So let’s do it.


Air Plants


Bamboo stick



Dremel Glue Gun

Step 1

Cut a piece a wire and wrap it around the base of the plant

Step 2

Slide the wire inside the bamboo stick or secure the air plant by wrapping the wire around the bamboo

Step 3

Apply glue to the flat side of the rock. Press down the bamboo stick and hold it in place for a few seconds and voilà!

If you’re planning on a long leisurely walk along the beach or through the wood, don’t forget to collect rocks or stones along your way – and remember; “If you look for it, you’ll find love all around us”. Maybe you’ll find a rare piece of beach glass or a lovely piece of driftwood, it’ll do the trick too!

What I love about the air plants is, that they are so easy, it’s almost a challenge to kill it. They absorb moisture and nutrients from the air. You can make it stay healthy by using a soaking mist with water once or twice a week or an occasional bath.

Hope this earthy look and simple way to display beach finds, could tempt you to make this fun project that’ll help bring back memories of the summer.

So what do you think? Is this the perfect summer project for yourself, or maybe your kids? Made any fun Air Plant decorations?

Now enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading!