A glamourous touch to your home with AYTM


Danish Design with Sensuous Surfaces

More than ever, I’m drawn to colours, especially the dusty ones with a twist of glamour. So today I’m sharing a bit of the Danish brand, AYTM’s ingenious & eclectic universe.

We still see it everywhere and it’s more than pleasant to see, how ceramics has resurfaced and regained momentum. These sculptural vases with glaze dots would suit any space and compliment .

Using mirrors correctly they can instantly enhance any room and take the ambience to another level.

Maybe you’ve seen that I’ve bedazzled our home with the low mirrored coffee table Speculum, it’s one of my fave decorative furniture at home. It’s a natural focal point with its elegance and fresh look, and I love it for its understated yet eye-catching presence. Also a great match to both monochrome and colour-free spaces.

If you’re going for the eclectic look, it’s all about layering. With that said, year after year/ trend after trend, it’s so easy to curate and add different layers. There’s always room for a new darling from the flea market or your favourite artist.

Pouffes are so versatile and this one reminds me, that I would love to incorporate more velvet into our home. These hues of dusty pink look quite appealing and would look even more vibrant with a charcoal grey.

Arrange outside the box and breathe new life to your table with these geometrical trays. Serve your guests drinks and appetisers on these trays or compile your favourite objects and arrange them on your dresser, nightstand or table.

These Circummirrors are able to double the amount of gorgeousness at home, a simple trick to make your space feel much larger. The pale pink and black oversized mirrors would be an easy way to add a glamorous look and bold statement.

Coloured glass has never looked this good.

I’m always drawn to mobiles and this ROTOis not only subtle but a timeless piece that would elevate any space with its reflections. Classic decor or colourful decor? It’ll give you a mindfulness moment as it gently spins and flickers.

Hope you’ve been inspired to add more sophisticated and crisp details at home, to explore more of the fabulous Danish design, go visit AYTM right here.

Wishing you a lovely day!