DIY with Pressed Flowers


Capturing Summer with Pressed Flowers

To me, there’s one season that always seems to be short, summertime.

Right now the warm weather and longer days provide the perfect opportunity to take your loved ones outdoors to explore, to and capture the beauty of nature – and you’ve guessed right, with pressed flowers.

The most versatile decoration year round most is a couple of branches in vases. Here’s I’ve used vases from the OOhh Collection, they’re inspired by nature and made of recycled paper and believe me even waterproof.

You can read more about the inspiring project right here.

So today I’m going to share how to create little memories of each flower. Here as floating lockets for branches but also lovely as keepsakes hidden away to surprise you another day, enchanting pendant and much more.


Selection of clean and dry flowers or leaves


Locket pendants



Step 1

Lay out and arrange the flowers between pages of the book. Close the book add extra weight for e.g. another heavy book and leaves it to dry, about 10-12 days

Step 2

Apply a small amount of lack on the inside of the locket and place the flower where you want it

Step 3

Secure the lock on the pendant and thread it a chain or thread

See how easy was that? I can easily imagine that these lovelies would work brilliantly as a beautiful and unique window decoration or even as gift toppers.

With how easy these are to make, you can churn out quite a few of these for any upcoming gathering as a breathtaking centerpiece.

If you’re on the hunt for a way to carry your colour scheme throughout your wedding, choose flowers that match your style and creates a dreamlike floral table decoration.

I hope you liked the idea whether you’re going to use these for hanging decorations or as a natural addition to your summer outfit.

If you follow me on Instagramyou can see I’ve made an alternative with four-leaf clovers as shown below.

Please share if you’ve already created some lovely project with dried or pressed flowers, would love to be inspired! That’s all for now, hope you’re off to a pleasant and wonderful weekend!