Lucie Kaas Spring News


Spring key items

At this time of the year, every bone in my body is longing for refreshment at home, but during these transitional months, it can be confusing how to decorate.

Today I’ve picked and styled some of my favourites from the Lucie Kaas collections.

A little side note, did you knew that Danish people are the biggest consumers of candles in the world? I know, I’ve talked about “hygge” over and over again, but there’s something magical about “hygge”.

You know that happy feeling you get from creating your own little vignette at home, maybe ready to welcome your friends over for a joyful bite or a glass of wine. Well, that setting is what “hygge” is all about –

That’s exactly what I think the World of Lucie Kaas is all about. Danish Lucie Kaas offers a sublime range of fresh and modern home accessories that suits every taste.

The BEAR FAMILYwill do the “hygge” trick at home. They come in three different sizes, handmade darlings in American walnut. It’s hard not to love these adorable wooden bear charm and the dark brown colour.

One of the easiest ways to take your home from spring to summer is by adding lively patterns and hints of garden-fresh greens. Will need a few more day before my garden blooms, so here I’ve picked a few ferns from my indoor jungle.

As you can see, I’ve created a few different stylings so inspire on how you can tip your style scale at home with these new vases from the Lucie Kaas Arne Clausen collection.

You can find the vase in three different sizes and three different colours.

I just love how the various sizes and colours together go so well in a mix and match a fun way!

Hope you’ve been feeling inspired to create a cosy and casual style at home with a touch of spring and “hygge”. Now would you like to share what’s make you covered from Spring to Summer?

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!