DIY Magazine Hangers

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Stylish Way to DIY Magazine Hangers

Ready to kick in reading bug this weekend? Then sit tight and learn how to DIY a stylish display for your precious magazines.

This might take you a trip down memory lane to intimate old cafés or libraries with rows of newspaper paddles or those old-fashioned newspaper holders with clamp – but today I’m going to share how you can both display and keep and eye of your latest favourite magazines.

For this project, I’ve found some vintage knobs (white & brass) and gorgeous porcelain knobs with delicate patterns from IB LAURSEN. So shall we?



Knobs with patterns from IB LAURSEN

White/ brass knobs vintage finds

Dremel 3000 or a metal cutting saw

Drill bit for the Dremel or a power drill

Leather cord


Step 1

You’ll need 2 wood rails, each rail; 40 cm or 15,75 inches

Drill holes in each piece with the Dremel 3000, one hole at each end

Step 2

Put the knob spindle through the hole you’ve drilled and screw a washer and nut onto the end

Now you’re ready to cut off the excess of the screw with the Dremel

Step 3

Cut off excess screw length on all knobs. Make sure not to cut off too much if you want use it for your books

Step 4

Cut a piece of leather cord, tie a knot and place the loop between your wood

Step 5

Now attach the knobs to your piece at each end and just slide your magazine in between the two wood pieces, voilà!

This would work perfectly as a gift idea, maybe for Mother’s Day. Lovely display for your Mandala books or your children’s colouring books perhaps? I just love how I now can have a small, rotating collection readily available to peruse.

If you give your pieces the same colour as your walls, you can create a look that gives the illusion that your reading material is floating in space.

But I think I’ll give it some more contrast and try a dark wood stain colour later on.

Hope you enjoy this idea and might want to try to give your own walls a little whimsey. Need another idea to display your magazines? You could try thisoldie with copper tubes.

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a lovely weekend!