Feel Good Friday #2

Feel Good Friday #2 | Creative Hobby Ideas

Feel Good Friday #2


The other day on ISPYDIY snapchat, I chatted about how I was thinking about getting a dog, and I got so much amazing feedback, I thought I would pose my puppy questions to you all. Living in NYC I was never really a dog person because of the lack of space and grass, but then I met my sister’s dog Charlie and he was so sweet and loving, my mind was totally changed. Once my home renovation is done later this Summer I will have a YARD! Wooot! I was thinking a pup would be a great addition to my life and my home. I am picturing a midsize dog that is super friendly who will come to the studio with me everyday, and is cool in new environments. I also love floppy ears. I think beagles are the absolute cuuuuuutest, but I don’t love how they take off when they catch a scent and always have to be on a lease. Any breed suggestions? Are dogs an insane amount of work? I also kinda love the idea of a mutt, I feel like they are scrappy like me, haha. Let me know what you think! And if I don’t get a dog, it’s still pretty fantastic to look at cute pictures of them on a Friday :)

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NOTE | Thank you to the people who have reached out about crediting images. I apologize for not including in this post. I know it can take a lot of time to track down the original creator of a photo, but it’s beyond important to credit to the originator. It was a mistake not including links, and we promise to continue to always track down credits. Thank you for all your great advice about pups and for continuing to read I SPY DIY!