DIY: Nail Polish Colored Headphones

DIY: Nail Polish Colored Headphones | Creative Hobby Ideas
• Tape off various pieces of the headphones. The pieces can vary in distance, from 1/2 inch to a few inches apart. Make sure to firmly press the tape to avoid the paint seeping through.
• Hang the headphones somewhere between two clothespins so that you can easily paint around the entire wire. I hung mine between two vases.
• Using various nail polish colors as you like, paint the exposed pieces of the headphones. Let completely dry.
• Remove the pieces of masking tape. If you do this step while the nail polish is still tacky, it will seep through so be sure it is 100% dry.

• Paint the remaining pieces of the headphones (where the tape used to be). You can either do this freehand or tape it off once again to ensure straight lines. Let dry.

• Add a thin layer of clear nail polish to seal it in and avoid the paint from chipping.

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