DIY: Lunchbox Container from a Milk Jug

DIY: Lunchbox Container from a Milk Jug | Creative Hobby Ideas
Say goodbye to the brown sack lunchbox! A few months ago, AllYou Magazine came to me with a craft challenge and I'm excited to finally share it with all of you! My project is featured in this month's issue as part of their "Take This, Make That" craft challenge. Please VOTE for my DIY lunchbox right here!

A milk jug makes a great lunch box, because not only is it food-safe, but it is the perfect size to keep your sandwiches from getting squished! Plus it will cost you about $1 to make! It can also be used as a container to organize all your little goodies. And the smaller milk jugs make the perfect on-the-go boxes too.

Now, the kids have another reason to finish their milk!


Empty milk jug

Sharpie or marker



Threading needle

Embroidery floss

Elastic hairband

Decorative Cover (optional): Decorative scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, Brush


Rinse out the milk jug and peel off the label. If any residue remains, run it under hot water and scrub away with a dish sponge.

To create the flaps, use a marker to draw four half circles, one on each side of the jug. Make one side as tall as possible to create the lid (see image above).

Cut along the inside of the lines and discard the remaining pieces.

Bend down all four flaps so it starts to take the form of a container. If it doesn't fold properly, try making longer slits on each corner of the milk jug.

To create a button loop closure, sew on a button on the top lid.

Directly underneath on the bottom base of the milk jug, pierce a hole with the edge of your scissors. Run a hairband halfway through, knotting the end from the inside of the container to hold in place.

Optional: To personalize the container, decoupage your favorite decorative paper on the lid using Mod Podge, following the directions on the bottle.