DIY Mini Pallet Planter Stand



  This past winter I’ve been collecting wood pallets. I need a few weathered pieces of board for this new project I'm about to start. I found this awesome piece of wall art on Pinterest that I've been dying to make. Since the weather started warming up a bit I decided to take inventory on my stash of pallets. As it turns out I've accumulated way more than I need for this wall decor piece. You might say I've taken wood pallet hoarding to a new level.  I decided to come up with a new project.
I was starting to get my yard ready for spring and remembered the planters I had on my lawn last year. I needed to make something to put on my lawn to "anchor" them on the ground and give the planters a more organic feel. I knew just what to do. I would disassemble the larger pallets and turn them into mini pallets. Keep reading and I'll show you exactly what you need to do...
DIY Wood Pallet Plant Planter Container stand